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Wild pulled goat shoulder


Wild Goat shoulder

50g TTB BBQ rub (Or your choice of rub)

duck fat spray or olive oil

1 tsp salt & pepper


1 liter Veggie stock (oven method)


1-Remove goat shoulder and rest at room temperature for 1 hour before cooking, spray in duck fat or olive oil and add BBQ rub, salt & pepper

2-Preheat charcoal BBQ or smoker to 140 degrees Celsius, add your choice of fruit wood for flavor.

3-Add your goat leg over indirect heat for 2 hours, do not lift the lid through this 2 hours.

4-Remove goat shoulder, put in tinfoil and heavily spritz with water then wrap tight and put back in the BBQ for a further 4 hours at the same temp. Do not lift the lid through this period

5-Remove from BBQ, wrap in a towel and rest in a chilly bin for 1 hour.

6-Pull the shoulder out, place in a dish and pull! The meat should be incredibly tender and tasty ready to serve.

Note - I served mine on a dark rye bread with lettuce, pickled red onion, pomegranate seeds & smoked paprika mayo

Method (Oven)

1-Preheat oven to 140 degrees Celsius, place goat shoulder in a dish after spraying with duck fat and adding your rub, salt & pepper

2-Cook for 1.5 hours then remove and add 1 liter of veggie stock and cover the dish with tinfoil. Cook for a further 4 hours at the same temp

3-Remove from oven and leave covered for 30 minutes before removing the tinfoil and pulling that tasty & tender meat.


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