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My butchery career started as the part time schoolboy working out the back of the butcher shop, sweeping the floors, offloading the meat trucks and stacking the chiller shelves. When given the chance to go fulltime and leave school doing the same job I jumped at the chance. It wasn’t long before my enthusiasm for the job gave me an opportunity to start cutting meat and soon after I became an apprentice butcher.


While serving my apprenticeship I got involved in the butchery competition scene, competing in my first comp only 6 months into my apprenticeship. From there I used these as a goal to challenge myself while also furthering my skills.


14 years later I've won multiple regional titles, international competitions and was crowned NZ butcher of the year in 2020 and a current member of the New Zealand sharp blacks since 2019 to current. These competitions have given me the opportunity to travel the world and meet some of the best in the business and further my skills as a butcher.


To me butchery is an art form, and I am obsessed with learning and furthering my skill in this art form which has lead me to not only work with some of the best butchers in NZ & overseas but also work along some of NZ's best chefs. 


As a butcher, I share an equal love for cooking and experimenting with flavours around meat. Over the years I have worked on progressing my cooking skills from simple trial and error and this is where my recipes and knowledge have grown to where they are today.

On this amazing journey I have been lucky enough to launch The Tattooed Butcher brand and teach others in demos/classes across the country, build my own BBQ rub, Knife Range, butcher blocks, clothing and become a brand ambassador for multiple brands across the country.

Follow me on this journey to see just how far we can go! 

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