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Brine recipe

When it comes to making the ultimate bacon, pastrami or corn silverside this brine is perfect for everything!


*4 litres of water

*1 cup of brown sugar

*1 cup of salt

*3 tsp curing salt (#1)

*1 tbsp cracked black pepper

*1 tbsp coriander seed

*1 tbsp fennel seed

*1 tbsp mustard seed

*1 tsp all spice

*4 bay leaves crushed

*1 tbsp onion powder

*1 tbsp dried minced garlic

*2 cinnamon sticks


1-Combine all ingredients in a large pot and boil on a medium temp

2-Once boiled let the brine simmer for 10 minutes

3-Remove and rest before chilling overnight or until the brine reaches a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius or lower


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