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*4 x pork slices (boneless/skinless)

*Culleys championship rub

*1 TSP salt

*1 TSP cracked pepper

*1 bottle Culleys Texas rib sauce

*2 TBSP brown sugar

*100g butter

*1 cup breadcrumbs

*2 TBSP chili flakes

*small handful of chopped coriander

*1L canola oil

*1 cup flour

*1 egg

*1 x tin foil tray & tin foil

1- Remove the pork slices from your fridge 1 hour before cooking, if you need to remove the skin then do this now.

2-Heat your Charcoal BBQ up to 150 degrees Celsius then add your choice of fruit tree wood to add that extra flavor. Rub your meat in a generous amount of championship rub, salt & pepper.

tip- you can also do these in your oven on fan bake following this method you just wont get that Smokey goodness!

3-Place the meat on your BBQ on the opposite side of the heat and cook for 1 hour. We don't want to grill the pork we just want to slow cook it and let it get that tasty smoke flavor into the meat.

4-Remove the meat off the BBQ and place your pork belly slices into a tin foil dish adding in the Texas rib sauce, 100 grams of butter & 2 TBSP of brown sugar. Rap the tray in ting foil and place back into the BBQ for a further 3 hours at 150.

5-Once the time is up let the meat cool down then refrigerate for 3-4 hours

6-Add your breadcrumbs & chili flakes into a mixing bowl then add your egg into a separate bowl, crack and mix with a fork.

7-Remove your pork from the fridge and cover in flour, egg and then the crumb. (Make sure its in this specific order)

8-Pour your bottle of canola oil into a pot and heat on high for 10minutes. Add your pork to the pot and fry until golden brown, this should only take 5 minutes.

9-Remove from the pot and season in extra chili flakes, salt, pepper and some chopped coriander


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