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Sticky Asian style chicken nibbles


-1kg Bird & barrow chicken nibbles

-Salt & pepper

-Olive oil

-Sesame seeds

Sauce ingredients

-1/4 soy sauce

-4 TBSP Brown sugar

-1 TSP Lemon juice

-1/4 cup sweet chili sauce

-1/2 TSP salt

-1/2 TSP cracked pepper

-1/2 TSP ground ginger

-2 TSP olive oil


1-Cover your chicken nibbles in a generous amount of olive oil, salt & pepper

2-Heat your BBQ up to a medium temp (or oven to 180 degrees Celsius) and cook your chicken nibbles for 15 mins

3-Combine all sauce ingredients together in a bowl

4-Heat pan to a medium temp then add the chicken nibbles once they have been removed from the oven.

5-Add your sauce to the fry pan and stir every 1-2mins until the sauce starts to thicken and become sticky. This should take roughly 10mins

6-Remove from fry pan and add your sesame seeds and a handful of chopped spring onion or chili for garnish before serving.


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