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Fried fish tacos


Ingredients (makes 6-8 tacos)

300g gurnard/snapper

Culleys picklenaise

Lemon x 1

Flour x ½ cup

Milk x ½ cup

Egg x 2

Canola oil x 1 cup

Soft shell tacos x 6-8

Salsa (topping)

Corn x ½ cup (preferably fresh but can use canned)

Tomatoes finely diced x 2

Red onion x 1 finely sliced

Coriander chopped (small handful)

Radish x 2 sliced thinly

1/ Mix flour, 2 eggs & milk together until it has a thick consistency. If this is too lumpy then add small amounts of milk while stirring until it becomes a consistent batter mix.

2/ Cut fish into even size strips roughly 4-5cms long, then mix through the batter

3/ Heat pan on high with 1 cup of canola oil

4/ Once your oil has heated up (should only take 5mins) then add your battered fish and cook for roughly 3 mins per side

5/ Remove from pan and rest on some paper towels to remove any excess oil

6/Heat soft shell tacos for roughly 1-2 minutes then add your fish and top with your salsa mix.

7/ Mix 1 squeezed lemon with half a bottle of culleys picklenaise sauce then top your tacos with the sauce before serving.


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