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Cooking the perfect bavette steak


-1 x Bavette steak

-Salt & Pepper

-Olive oil

-Garlic butter

-Fresh thyme


1-Pre heat your BBQ to a high temperature. Tip - I recommend cooking over wood or coals for extra flavor

2-Place your cast iron pan directly over the heat and add a generous amount of garlic butter and thyme, Let this pan heat up until the butter goes a nice golden brown color.

3-Rub your Bavette steak in olive then add your salt & pepper. Tip- Remove your steak out of the fridge 1 hour before you cook it so it gets to room temp

4- Cook your bavette steak for 2 mins per side in the cast iron pan

5-Move the pan off the direct heat and cook for a further 10 mins with the lid down or shut on your BBQ. We are aiming for an internal temp of around 130-135F for a medium rare steak

6-Remove your steak from your BBQ and rest for 5 mins before slicing and serving


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