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Brisket, cheese & smoky BBQ sauce pie

Ingredients (Makes 3 pies)


*600g brisket mince

*1 brown onion finely chopped

*100g grated Colby cheese

*1/3 cup BBQ sauce

*1/4 cup bread crumbs

*1 egg

*1/2 tsp table salt

*1/2 tsp ground pepper


*3 sheets puff pastry

*1 Egg cracked and mixed in a bowl for egg wash


1- Combine all filling ingredients together and mix for 2-3 minutes ensuring everything has bonded well and become sticky.

2-Lay pastry down and make 5-6 cuts on each side of the pastry leaving a 7-8cm gap in the center.

3-Place meat in the center and cross the pastry flaps you have cut one at a time. Use Facebook video for reference and guide (The Tattooed Butcher FB page)

4-Coat pastry with egg wash and cook on fan bake for 40 minutes @220 degrees Celsius

5-Rest for 5 minutes then slice and serve


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