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Sticky Asian Glazed Chicken

Ingredients (does 10 kebabs)

-Bird & barrow naked kebabs

-Olive oil

Sauce ingredients

-1/2 Cup soy sauce

-1 TBSP Brown sugar

-2 TBSP Hoisin sauce

-1 TBSP Sweet chili sauce

-1/2 TSP Chili flakes

-1 TSP Finely chopped garlic

-1 TSP Lime juice

-1/2 TSP ground ginger

1-Heat fry pan on high with a cap full of olive oil and cook the kebabs until browned on all sides, this should take rough 8-10mins.

2-Mix all sauce ingredients together and stir well before adding to the fry pan.

3-Add the sauce into the fry pan and reduce the heat down to a medium temperature. Mix the kebabs through the sauce well cooking for a further 5 mins.

4-Turn the element off and rest for 2 mins before serving, by now the sauce should have thickened up and gone quite sticky.


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