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Pulled Lamb Flat Breads

Awesome lamb flat breads!

Pulled Lamb Flat Breads

- Lamb leg 2kg

- Turkish flat breads

- Culleys lamb rub

- Garlic yoghurt sauce

- Grated beetroot

- Onion chutney

- Feta cheese

- Mesclun salad

1/ Trim all excessive fat off lamb leg and rub with Culleys lamb rub

2/ Heat BBQ to 275 F then add wood chips

3/ Cook lamb leg for 4 hours spritzing every hour with water

4/ Remove lamb leg from the BBQ and tightly in tin foil and cook for a further 3 hours at 250 F

5/ Remove lamb leg from BBQ and wrap in 2 tea towels and rest for 1 hour

6/ Open up your lamb leg and pull meat off the bone

7/ Heat your Turkish bread then spread onion chutney on base, add mesclun salad, beetroot, pulled lamb, feta and top with a drizzle of garlic yoghurt

8/ Serve your awesome lamb flat breads!


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