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1kg brisket beef mince

500g pork sausage meat

100g BBQ rub (your choice)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cracked pepper

2 x eggs

100g slice jalapeno

100g haloumi cheese

250g streaky bacon

BBQ sauce

Tin foil

Baking paper


-Combine mince, sausage meat, BBQ rub, eggs, salt & pepper together in a bowl and mix for a good 5 minutes until all ingredients have spread evenly and binded together

-Lay down a piece of baking paper approximately 40cms long then lay strips of streaky bacon the length of the paper.

-Add your mince mixture and press down evenly across the bacon. Cut your strips of haloumi and lay in the center, add jalapenos then fold it into a roll using the baking paper. Ensuring all parts of the roll are closed up then chill for a couple of hours.

-Preheat BBQ to 180-190 degrees Celsius and cook over indirect heat for 40 minutes, place a piece of tinfoil under the bacon fatty to stop any sticking.

-Once you have cooked for 40 minutes then baste heavily with a BBQ sauce and cook for a further 30 minutes. Once cooked then remove and add an extra layer of BBQ sauce before slicing and serving


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