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Garlic, Red wine & Rosemary BBQ Lamb Shoulder


-1 x Butterfly lamb shoulder roughly 1-1.25kg

-¼ Cup olive oil

-30g fresh rosemary

-2 x fresh cloves of garlic chopped

-¼ cup red wine

-1 TBSP of table salt

-1 TBSP Cracked pepper

Cooking steps

1-Preheat BBQ to roughly 180 degrees Celsius

2- Remove rosemary twigs from the stem and mix with olive oil, Garlic & wine.

3- Make some slight cuts across your lamb shoulder then rub in salt & pepper.

4- Place your lamb shoulder in the BBQ roughly 30cms away from the flame and baste both sides before shutting the lid.

5- Cook for 15 mins then baste both sides again before flipping the meat over, cook for a further 15mins.

6- Baste both sides of the lamb heavily for a third time and move the lamb over the flame and cook for 2-3 mins at a high temp per side.

7- Remove lamb from BBQ and rest for 5 mins before slicing.

8- Slice the meat and pour any remaining basting sauce onto meat before serving.


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