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BBQ Honey Pork Baked Potato


Makes 8-10 baked potatoes

1KG PULLED PORK (follow my pulled pork recipe for tips)

8-10 baked potatoes

BBQ Honey sauce (Follow my BBQ honey recipe or add your own)

1 x Chopped spring onion

1 x Chopped red onion

Tasty grated cheese

1/ Preheat oven to 180°c on fan bake

2/ Get your potatoes and poke small holes all the way around them

3/ Cook your baked potatoes for 40-45mins then remove from oven and cut the top off them and scoop out the inside.

4/ Heat Pulled pork in a pot with your BBQ honey sauce on low

5/ Once the pulled pork has reached a nice warm temp remove from element and start to fill your baked potatoes

6/ Top the baked potatoes with the chopped spring onion, red onion & cheese

7/ Place baked potatoes on a tray and cook till cheese is melted

8/ Top with your favorite aioli or eat as is!


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