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This class is hands on nose to tail butchery class lead by James Smith aka The Tattooed Butcher 

This class is designed to do in the comfort of your own home, business or preferred location 

Class time roughly - 2 hours

Small group bookings – 3 people $379pp / 4 people $349pp

Big group bookings – 8-10 people $279pp

Price includes your own lamb shoulder, Lamb leg & knife 


Class format

*Intro to lamb

*Keeping your knives sharp

*James to break down whole lamb walking through every cut and getting a close look at everything

*Learning a butchers knot

*Hands on boning out a lamb shoulder

*Hands on boning a lamb leg

*Option of rolling a lamb leg & shoulder or butterflying

For small & big group bookings everything needed to do the class will be supplied by James


Location is to be decided between both parties. If location & catering is required then this could result in a extra charge


Travel is included for Auckland & Hamilton region. Anything outside these areas is an extra travel charge and will be worked out ahead of time


Any cancellations need to be made at least 7 days before for full refund. Anything under 7 days will not be refunded

For bookings please contact -

Dark Concrete Wall
Dark Concrete Wall
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